The FUTSAL I.D. program is a year round elite development program that identifies & develops elite players in a highly competitive and challenging environment. FUTSAL I.D. Program should be seen as weekly supplement training to player’s club soccer program; it is designed to complement, not compete with player's club soccer.

The FUTSAL I.D. program is “Club Neutral Program”, available to boys and girls from any soccer club in Southern California. Any player can tryout and become an elite member of the FUTSAL I.D. Program.

The FUTSAL I.D. Program was introduced in Spring (2018) and is a Year Round Elite Development Program which will include taking teams to Futsal competitions such as Cross-Over Matches, Scrimmages with other FUTSAL I.D. Programs, Regional, National and International Tournaments.

As we continue to develop the FUTSAL I.D. program we will be limiting the player pools to 10 girls and 10 boys in each of the following age groups;    (2016),    (2014/2015),   (2012/2013)  and   (2010/11). The FUTSAL I.D. program holds open tryouts twice a year and is a 10 month commitment. However, we are always looking to identify that elite player to add to our I.D. player pool throughout the year.

The FUTSAL I.D. Program is focused on (5) Development aspects:

    1. Rules, Tactic & Play
    2. Ball manipulation and Control
    3. Structured small sided games
    4. Passing and Player & Team Movement
    5. Positive & Professional Team Attitidue on and off the court/field

The FUTSAL I.D. Program includes:

    1. FUTSAL I.D. Membership/insurance
    2. Administration Fees
    3. Futsal Court Rental
    4. Staff & Coaches Training Fees
    5. 4-6 Futsal Sessions + 1-2 Speed & Agility Training sessions per month.

FUTSAL I.D. player pools will also participate in 5-6 Futsal tournaments + 5-6 friendly matches against other local futsal clubs in Southern California during the course of the 12 months program. The costs of the tournaments & friendly matches are not included in the FUTSAL I.D. Program fees.

FUTSAL I.D. Program costs $ 95.00/month

FUTSAL I.D. Program mandatory player (kit): $ 195.00
Includes, Futsal I.D. (1) pullover, (1) pants (2) match tops, (2) training top (2) shorts & (2) pairs of socks.

After tryouts, if you are offered a spot, you can accept or decline within 72 hours. Upon acceptance you will be charged $ 100.00 for the Futsal ID uniform and $ 95.00 a month for 10 of the 12 months which includes all of the above. There is NO FEE to tryout; however, there is a $ 95.00 deposit required upon acceptance to hold the players spot on the Futsal ID Program roster and will be applied to the first month’s fees.

The next scheduled FUTSAL I.D. Open Tryouts is March and we will be focusing on the following Player Pools: Boys & Girls (2012/13), (2014/15) and (2016). In addition, we are always looking to add a few Elite Players to our existing Futsal I.D. squads (Girls 2010/11)      .

If you want to take your SKILLS to the next level and think you have what it takes; passion, commitment, drive and the desire to be the BEST; check out our Futsal I.D. (Identify & Development) Program!

The next Futsal I.D. tryouts will be;

March 2024
To be confirmed

In the meantime, if you think you have what it takes to be an elite FUTSAL I.D. Member, let us know and we will invite you to a few of our FUTSAL I.D. training sessions for player evaluation. If you want to be the BEST, you need to train & compete with the BEST!

If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact us.

Register today if your son and/or daughter would like to tryout for an available spot. We look forward to seeing you at the FUTSAL CLUB soon!