Futsal Club is a year round development program in Murrieta/Temecula valley founded by a group of guys with a passion for soccer. Futsal Club should be seen as weekly supplement training to player’s soccer club program. We are a “Club Neutral Program”, meaning that players from any soccer club can train and compete in the Futsal Club program. Futsal Club provides players the opportunity to craft their skills in a highly professional and competitive environment.

Futsal Club provided specialized skills geared towards the technical development of youth soccer players seeking additional supplement practice; a third or fourth session a week. These technical skills include ball manipulation, first touch, passing, aerial control, shooting, player & team movement and overall IQ for the game.

Our goal is not only to assist in the development of well rounded TOP soccer players in Southern California but to develop a strong soccer culture in our community by focusing on building relationships with families, players, coaches and clubs. Once a healthy relationship is formed, we focus on building mutually beneficial partnerships, which in return creates a solid foundation to successfully develop elite soccer players! #FutsalPartners #TeamWork #StrongerTogether #ForThePlayers

Building relationships and forming partnerships is not recruiting coaches, players and/or acquiring businesses; it is taking a successful relationship/partnership to the next level with people you know and trust in order to create more opportunities to achieve your common goals!  #PlayerDevelopment

If you are a Director of a soccer club, a soccer coach, a soccer player, a parent of a soccer player we welcome you to join the FUTSAL REVOLUTION! #FutsalRevolution

Visit our web-site, check out our social media, give us a call and/or send us an email so we can start the process; we want to build healthy relationships, strong partnerships and create fun & exciting opportunities to develop for everyone who loves soccer! #Relationships #Partnerships #Opportunities = Development

Chris Williams
Co-Founder | Partner

M: 1.703.459.5474
E: chris@futsal-club.com

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Carlos Basso
Co-Founder | Technical Director

M: 1.858.761.4205
E: carlos@futsal-club.com

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Angelo Fiorini
Partner | Coach

M: 1.951.375.8846
E: angelo@futsal-club.com

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Jac Ladouceur
Partner | Coach

M: 1.951.837.9241
E: jac@futsal-club.com

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Kevin Fontes
Partner | Coach

M: 1.408.218.4323
E: kevin@futsal-club.com

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